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  • Sharing benefits with all our Stakeholders through responsible Mining

About Us

BENCH&ALLUVIAL s.p.r.l : We are a prominent mineral marketer and refiner providing our customers with the best mineral products such as Precious metals, Industrial metals and Refining. Today the main business activity is investment into production and trade of gold, diamonds, and copper cathode.

Our business started back in 2009, when we started trading gold on the world markets and buying and selling gold bullion stored in London vaults. Our company BENCH & ALLUVI s.p.r.l moved quickly through the year 2010. by establishing network of suppliers and clients who were either selling us gold or other precious metals and Industrial metals like copper cathode.

Our company provides discreet, private and straight forward, gold bullion with flexibility require for international clients. We can sell any number or quantity of gold bars, gold bullion or gold nuggets up to 100 kilograms per month. However, we provide this purchase only for private single individuals and their companies.
Bench& Alluvi s.p.l.r specialises in marketing and trade in Precious metals, Industrial metals and Refining.

Our company is registered in United Kingdom on 14th January 2009. Registered number is 06791703. Registered address 41 Fairfield Road, N18 2QP, Enfield, London, United Kingdom and also in Kenya on the July 1st 2010 registration number: CPR/2010/26177.

We have several limited partners, investors, which receive profits out of our gold trade operations.



Share the benefits with all our stakeholders through responsible mining and strive to act as responsible corporate miners and mineral dealers.


To become the largest mineral producers/marketers by providing our customers with the best mineral products in both Africa and different continents while not compromising our key values of Responsible mining, Trust( Good Sustainability Practices) and of course the best quality available.


We supply Mineral, Jewellery and Industrial companies as well as private individuals with Precious metals and industrial metals such as Gold, Diamonds and Copper Cathode.

Gold Bullion/Bars

Bench& Alluvi has LBMA hallmarked gold bullion bars being sold for 20% less the gold price.

We sell gold bars, gold bullion bars or investment gold as produced by LBMA members, such as renowned from Switzerland, Germany, U.S. and also gold bars from mines in Tanzania and Congo  and R.D.C.- all with correct paperwork with emphasis on responsible mining. We are also skilled gold buyers and we convert gold Ore bars into gold bars and gold bullion bars, which we then in turn sell to our clients, with affordable discount fixed in advance. Clients are given access for investing in gold with less risk, as the gold may be purchased at a discounted rate from the current gold price with the discount margin being adjusted to the amount being purchased.

Terms and Characteristics of LBMA hallmarked gold bullion

Place of Origin: Switzerland(bullion)/Congo(Bars)/Tanzania(bars)/R.D.C(bars)
Price: 20% less of the gold price on the day of the order
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 kilogram for companies and 20 kg for individuals
Packaging and transport: Insured courier delivery anywhere within EU, US, Japan, Israel
Loading port: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Contractual Maximum Delivery Time: 30-60 days, depending of the contract
Supplying Ability: please inquire with us
Payment Type: Wire transfer
Payment Due: Upon signing of contract and in advance to the delivery
Minimum Order Quantity for Existing Clients: 1 kilogram
Clients may be companies and individuals.
Purity: 94.26%(bars) up to 99.99%(bullion)

Gold Price

Gold price is determined on the day of the contract and by the reference to London Bullion Marketing Association website, as they publish the gold price every working day twice on http://www.lbma.org.uk. There is also a live ticker on our site showing current prices.

The gold price, as published in troy ounces is converted to gold price per gram, and 20% less of the gold price is calculated for the BENCH& ALLUVI s.p.r.l orders. The client pays 80% of the gold price(depending on quantity purchased) to our company BENCH& ALLUVI s.p.r.l and upon the delivery, client is able to sell the gold either to banks or to partner companies for the price of 100% at that point of time.Alternatively, whole trade may be arranged through us directly.


Our company BENCH & ALLUVI s.p.r.l. guarantees that upon the delivery, client will get 5% difference in relation to the gold price at the day of the delivery. This means, if the gold price falls in the mean time, the client will get, after the delivery of gold bullion bars, additional deliveries of gold in small quantities, so that the actual difference on the day of the delivery and in relation to the gold price on the day of the delivery is again 5%. If the gold price remains the same or goes higher, only the original quantity of gold is delivered.

Payments and Orders

Order is made upon the signing of the contract. Client has 5 business days to submit the payment. If the payment is submitted later, we have the right to ask for the difference in gold price in relation to the later point of time.

If the client does not commence, or does not make a proper payment by wire transfer to our account, upon the properly fixed order and gold price, a fine of €1750 will be due.

We work only with well established, individuals and companies and we put priority on introduced serious clients.

Real Delivery Time

Real delivery time, which is not enforced by contract is usually 20 days. After few deliveries, the delivery time is shortened, all depending of the location of the client and handling of insurance and shipment on our side in relation to the address of the client. We strive and tend to deliver 2-4 times per month, so that client may achieve profits.

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Gold Nuggets


Gold Nuggets for sale at great prices. Almost everything sold buy our company BENCH &ALLUVIAL s.p.r.l are hand selected and of the highest quality available.

We provide excellent Customer Service, and we are very quick to reply to emails, so if you have any questions about anything you see on our website, or you have any problems going through checkout, please email us at: info@benchalluvi.com. You will be surprised at how quickly we respond, unless you are in a different time zone.

Buying natural gold nuggets and specimens is an excellent and exciting way to invest in Gold. Our nuggets are all natural, just as they are found by the gold prospectors.

We have many different types of gold nuggets: placer, crystalline, crystals, wire, octahedrons, trigons, cubes, hoppered, spinnel, ribbon, unique shaped, gold in quartz specimens, and much more.
Natural Gold nuggets are measured using the troy and metric systems. The following weights are most relevant. “Penny weight” is sometimes also used, especially by gold prospectors, but this can be very confusing to gold buyers so there is really no good reason to use it.

1 Troy Ounce = 31.1 Grams
1 Gram = 15.4 Grains
1 Troy Ounce = 480 Grains
1 Troy Pound = 12 Troy Ounces

Like anything else, gold nuggets come in different qualities. Many natural gold nuggets are simply small rounded chunks of gold without any real unique shape or character, and they often contain dark mineralization or a significant amount of host rock. This type of nugget is called “Common Grade” and it is not worth much more than it’s melt value, and you would expect to pay close to spot gold prices for this type of nugget. If you are buying gold simply for it’s melt value there are a lot of sellers who sell melt quality nuggets, but you will miss the collectible and investment value that high quality gold nuggets afford.

Next you have “jewelry and investment grade natural gold nuggets”, both small and large, which generally command a much higher premium over spot gold prices. Jewelry and investment grade nuggets have been hand selected and are pleasantly shaped and clean and brite without mineral staining or any significant amount of host rock. Jewelers use small gold nuggets for inlaying onto rings, necklaces, watch bands, etc, and they use larger gold nuggets to make pendants or necklaces by soldering a gold bezel onto the nugget and hanging it on a gold chain. Jewelry/Investment grade nuggets are preferred by investors as they are in high demand from jewelers and collectors and therefore hold their value much better than common grade nuggets when gold prices fall, and they are easier to resell at a premium.

Prices are 20%-25% less than the current spot price of Gold (Depending on quantities purchased)

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Copper Cathode

At BENCH & ALLUVI s.p.r.l We sell copper cathode. This is of the best quality available Cu 99.98% min. Rejection below 99.95%. See below

  • Copper cathodes, cu 99.98 % min .,LME non-registered FULL COOPERATE OFFER
  • Commodity: copper cathodes, Cu 99.98% min. Rejection below 99.95%
  • Dimension: varies between 900mm x 900mm x 12mm to 1200mm x 1200mm x 40mm.
  • Approximate weigh of each sheet varies between 100 kg to 140kg ( +1%). Net weight of each pallet: 2MT ( + 1%) approximately.
  • Packaging : Banded by a minimum of four steel or aluminum bands per pallet. Shipment is made in: 20 foot containers which take 25MT each ( + 1MT).
  • Origin: Zambia
  • Loading Port: Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.
  • Chemical Composition: Given Below.
  • First shipment: 500 M/T (trial shipment)
  • Monthly Quantity: 1,000 M/TX 12 months

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1. Buyer signs FCO as acceptance of offer.

2. Seller and buyer sign a ready agreed upon Sales & Purchase agreement.

3. Buyer should support the transportation of the goods up to the country of the destination for that the buyer should support all the export charges up to the country of the destination.

4. Buyer travels and confirms the availability of the goods.

5. Buyer pays for the shipment charges and local customs duties involved in the exportation of the goods and insurance UP TO THE DESTINATION COUNTRY.

6. Seller appoints shipping firm and arrange cargo shipment within seven working days after signing of the contract.

7. The seller/ seller’s representative shall travel and attend final inspection at Buyers unloading port.

8. The Seller will deliver the following full set of airway bill, air freight pre-paid or Airway ticket of seller if will serve as air waybill.

  • Commercial Invoices invoices in favor of the buyer
  • Lab essay report of the country of origin
  • Customs Declaration
  • Export permit receipt of all export taxes.


9. The Buyer and the Seller will decide the security of the goods up to the refinery

10. After the say report, the payment must be made within the terms of the agreement.

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